Case Studies

Taxonomy and IA for Technical Standards

As part of a complete website redesign, this non-profit needed to consolidate existing taxonomies and create an up-to-date taxonomy for use on their new website and across their publications.

User Research and IA for Government

Faced with a design mandate, this government organization needed to do research before designing the solution to ensure the solution was appropriate for its audiences. We helped this organization go through interviews, analysis, journey mapping, and information architecture work.

Heuristic Review and User Testing for Government

This client with two content heavy websites of over 2000 pages each needed an expert review and user testing for these sites. Because the sites were so large, we set specific investigation goals to specifically focus on information architecture, content quality, and search.

Information Architecture for Purdys Chocolates

Purdys contacted Key Pointe because sections of their website weren’t delivering needed results for their fundraising and group purchase programs. We reviewed these areas and provided recommendations to Purdys.

Information Architecture for Rocky View County

Working with a content strategist, we took Rocky View through a user-centred design process, then created a new information architecture and content strategy. During our research, it became clear that Rocky View served a diverse and geographically dispersed community which needed geographically appropriate information.

Taxonomy for a Financial Services Company

A large, U.S. based financial services company was moving to a new enterprise content management system (eCMS) and needed a taxonomy to better find information. We collaborated with attorneys and financial services experts to create a taxonomy for the client.

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