User Research and Usability Testing

Topics centred around user research.

How to Plan for Usability Testing for Your Website

When I take clients through the process of usability testing, they have some typical questions at the beginning of the process. How does usability testing work? How do we make sure everything is set up properly? How do we recruit users? Here’s an overview of what to expect as you go through the process of preparing for usability testing.

Usability Testing Offers Insight into Website Problems

Many aspects of usability testing are under your control. Set your goals and your dates, create your test plan and execute. Analyze the results and put together themes from the feedback. Participants can tell you about their habits, how your website fits into their work/life, and how they would ideally use your site. Taken all together, you'll be able to uncover many issues with your website as well as gather valuable insight into your users' behaviours.

What to Expect from User Research

User research allows us to improve our websites, intranets, products, and services. Sometimes I work with clients who are new to user research and they need to know what the process of user research is like and what to expect as an outcome of user research. Before we assume that user research will answer all our questions and fully illuminate a dark abyss, it's important to set expectations for what user research can do for us. If you're thinking about tackling a project with research in it, here are a few things to be prepared for.

User Research and IA for Government

Faced with a design mandate, this government organization needed to do research before designing the solution to ensure the solution was appropriate for its audiences. We helped this organization go through interviews, analysis, journey mapping, and information architecture work.

Improving Content Findability with Better Website Information Architecture

Maybe the website isn't well organized. Maybe users don't take the time to look through the website. Maybe users have had bad experiences in the past and can't be bothered to look on the website. Rest assured there are you can improve content findability with better website information architecture.

Heuristic Review and User Testing for Government

This client with two content heavy websites of over 2000 pages each needed an expert review and user testing for these sites. Because the sites were so large, we set specific investigation goals to specifically focus on information architecture, content quality, and search.