A unified approach to metadata and taxonomy enabled this client to set up a standardized onboarding process and handle enterprise-wide taxonomy requests.

With many digital properties available to the public and with restricted access, with many different types of content to publish, this multinational needed a unified approach to how it handled metadata and taxonomy with in its content management system. Difficulties lied in a decentralized authoring environment, inability to find existing content across multiple sites, and duplication of content. This client needed a standardized way to migrate content from other existing sites and platforms into its installation of Adobe Experience Manager CMS.

Going through numerous interviews, websites, taxonomies, metadata schema, we identified the issues facing this company. We focused on the taxonomy and metadata related issues and worked with the client to create an enterprise content taxonomy approach. With this in hand, we created a roadmap for producing a standardized metadata schema that could be implemented in the CMS and act as a reference during the migration process. We also identified standardized enterprise taxonomy work as part of the roadmap.