We transform ad hoc sites into deliberate, research-based structures with appropriate workflow and governance. We focus on evidence-based decision-making and user-centered solutions.

While every project has different goals and there’s no cookie cutter process, our IA approach takes through this process to create a shared vision, IA strategy, and effective deliverables.


Our research uncovers issues and sets the stage for making recommendations.


We share out findings and develop recommendations and strategy.


We re-imagine structure based on user and business needs.


We use techniques like task testing and one-on-one testing to improve solutions.


Where we take your current content and help map it to a new site map.


We offer information architecture and taxonomy training to clients who want to improve in-house skills or learn the basics before tackling a project. To learn more about how we can support you with our training offerings, please contact us.

Our Case Studies

Understanding Information Architecture

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