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Uncover the causes of content problems and build a vision and framework for success.

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Methodically analyze existing content then restructure it through a user-centred lens.

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Establish the key elements for dynamic content display and content reuse.

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Coaching and Mentoring Services

We coach and mentor teams to build team skill around user research, content strategy, information architecture, taxonomy and metadata. We help transform your team’s abilities from rudimentary and ad hoc to methodical and goal-oriented. We take a supportive and collaborative approach to mentoring, understand the team’s current capabilities, and create a mentoring plan to meet your needs. Read Theresa’s profile.

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9 Reasons Why Card Sorting is Useful for Engagement

Card sorting, or the activity of putting a bunch of terms in front of users and getting them to sort them into groups, has long been a favourite information architecture activity. As a practitioner, I've had more or less success with it over the years. Recently, it's become a tool in the arsenal for stakeholder and employee engagement.

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